Saturday, March 10, 2007

people dont even read this

But ill update with some recent crap anywho.

First one was for a "going away" gift for a CRAZY-talented(and cute) friend/co worker of mine. Her last day at the paper was yesterday. Wish I had a color copy of the photos they made a joke newspaper page for her with. Ahahha... TOO sexy/hilarious. Good luck to her on her travels. The second one was for the husband of another talented photographer I work with. A caricature of his friend who recently passed, to go on a t-shirt for a race they're holding to raise money for research in the cancer he had. HEAVY. I usually scoff @ doing stuff that like.. MEANS something to people. Crazy pressure :D I havent done a "classical" caricature in well over 4 years. People seem to dig it I guess.

im sleepy... wish i could sleep. but i have work in an hour. awesome.

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Derick Brooks said...

hahhaa, that body is nuts jyo. stretchin the hammys kid