Sunday, June 17, 2007

bottles are fun

Maybe ill try a transparent one next time... would've on this one but I had time constraints and was too tired to sit there and draw it.. AND ink it. All this was pretty much straight to ink.
Read the article (and see the horrible colors) here. Im tired... two mor hours at work.. then I have to turn in some rough drafts/thumbnails for the t-shirt folks.

The life of a starving artist... is one with little sleep and lots of delusions of grandeur/trash talking. Amen. ZZZZzzzz... oh WAIT!

Here's some Japanese hiphop to keep people awake. Ahahahha. I love this shit. Ok.. how about some regular "real" hip hop too.

Ahaha, nobody will see these for weeks.

Monday, June 04, 2007

oh riiight...

Forgot to post this over here...

Story was about professional shoplifting groups and the new methods/tech to try and stop them. They forgot to quote me for the illustration.. dunno how I feel about that ahahahha. Article here, and here's the SKETCH.