Tuesday, October 31, 2006


You know that short JohnK did with Yogi Bear and such? Cartoon Network should contract him to add his touch on all the classic H/B characters in thier own 5-10 minuet shorts. That'd be ill. Ahahaa.. even the new guys... imagine a John K PPG or Dexter or Samurai Jack...

Shit'd be hilarious... and twisted.

thats all, carry on.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


SQWAARRRRRR!! Whenever I think of that name I imagine you HAVE to yell that siht at the top of yer lungs. Sqwar © my baby brother, Derick Brooks (linked to your right). I love this character to fcuking death! I'll scan/upload the other insignificant doodles of him/her/it once I get my home computer problems settled... machine is dead again. Im SO switching to mac once my dough is right, which could be a while.

Ever draw/ink something halfway and realize you're better off leaving it unfinished because you're starting to mess it up because you're too anxious to finish?

Yeah, me neither ;p Just came back from a cross country drive to seattle.
Check out the pics.

Monday, October 02, 2006

death by WACOM

This was brought on by me, after a whole summer of $15 tutorial magazines, still sucking in painter/photoshop as far as digital painting is conserned. HEHHHhhh. Ive been known to blame my tablet for that though.

Yeah yeah, its the motion in the ocean, but a bigger junks WOULD help me along ;)

Beter yet... screw a tablet. Gimme a bunch of cheap brushes, my dusty gouache set, some cardboard and a Django Reinhardt soundtrack and im good to go.