Monday, October 02, 2006

death by WACOM

This was brought on by me, after a whole summer of $15 tutorial magazines, still sucking in painter/photoshop as far as digital painting is conserned. HEHHHhhh. Ive been known to blame my tablet for that though.

Yeah yeah, its the motion in the ocean, but a bigger junks WOULD help me along ;)

Beter yet... screw a tablet. Gimme a bunch of cheap brushes, my dusty gouache set, some cardboard and a Django Reinhardt soundtrack and im good to go.


TIMIDEE said...

ahhaahh, that is so effin crucial


lol. hey man my junk is average too, but i got the stamina of a cheetah. keep it up. your inks are like liquid fire in a bottle made of love and tears from god fearing robots with e pills under their tongue circuits. lust.

Michael said...

this looks real nice man

what magazines did you buy?

E said...

thanks fellahs!

Mainly Imagine FX. They're a bit touch-and-go as far as quality/styles I dig but the tutorials/step by steps on the DVDs are ususally really impressive, to me atleast :D

Missy said...