Thursday, March 15, 2007

monseur plastique

Colored version. Came out pretty good I think. Not quite Hanuka, but DEFINITLY in the vein of thier styles. I'll have to hold on to this one and do a lot more so I can get a sustem down on how to do this fast so I can crank out more fully finished peices. Rock.

You can read the article here.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

plastic surgery n'shit

Sketch for an illustration running in this upcoming Tuesday's paper. Stupid excited to finish this shit and lay some Hanuka Bros styled coloring over it I've been wanting to do for SO long.. but waited until I had the right lines to lay over it.
Word. Felt weird drawing semi-realistically again. Hope I can keep the torch lit to bang out some comic pages this week.
Derick changed his blog. Peep that shit yo --->

Cheerio ♥

Saturday, March 10, 2007

people dont even read this

But ill update with some recent crap anywho.

First one was for a "going away" gift for a CRAZY-talented(and cute) friend/co worker of mine. Her last day at the paper was yesterday. Wish I had a color copy of the photos they made a joke newspaper page for her with. Ahahha... TOO sexy/hilarious. Good luck to her on her travels. The second one was for the husband of another talented photographer I work with. A caricature of his friend who recently passed, to go on a t-shirt for a race they're holding to raise money for research in the cancer he had. HEAVY. I usually scoff @ doing stuff that like.. MEANS something to people. Crazy pressure :D I havent done a "classical" caricature in well over 4 years. People seem to dig it I guess.

im sleepy... wish i could sleep. but i have work in an hour. awesome.