Friday, February 16, 2007

more corporate whoredome

Another spot illustration I did for work that ran in Thursday's paper. It didn't run as large as the previous one, but more people are likely to see it; it was printed during a weekday and not weekend. I'm wishing I had pivoted the screen so it was at an angle... You can find the article here. Really, read it. The young woman who wrote it... ♥ cutie. Much like all the young women here. Whomever's doing the hiring around this place... I'm not mad at you homey :D

This time around there was more of an idea which had to be shown, though I dig the last better. They kinda let me do whatever. I draw a page or three of thumbnails of how i'd do it. I run it by one or two people and they point to the one I should finalize. All the color stuff(I hate coloring anything, which is obvious in the quick polygon lasso stuff) characters and inking style is primarily my choice. I'd honestly like a shorter leash.

Mine and Derick's joined website, is real close to completeion. Been eating up the majority of my freetime as of late. Keep my phone off, havent been online.. alladat. Really excited to see this project lift off and explode.

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