Saturday, December 09, 2006

caught left handed

Derick and Kevin are lefthanded... screw them both ♥

Got slow at work tonight so I drew my favorite little guy Tijolo(tee-joh-lo, i know its pronouced wrong)... with the EVIL HAND. Looks good for never using this hand except for smudging and turning the paper. Maybe ill ink it with the left too.

more later, or something, maybe, i dunoo, leemee alone, gosh!


TIMIDEE said...

thats pretty damned ill for the non dominant hand, best believe i cant do SHIT with my right hand man. seriously

me and keve have WAY too much shit the same. its fuckin freaky.

E said...

Time to get NASTY on em then... start drawing some SKULLS and fucking BATS eating PROSITITUTES ..on FIRE and stuff!! lol