Saturday, May 19, 2007

she loves bunbun

Graduation gift for the kid sister of a close friend of mine. Never actually MADE it to the graduation party because; even though Ive driven to the house countless times, had great distress finding that shit last night hahahha, 1hr 30min drive turned into almost 3 hours of getting lost driving around in circles getting wrong directions from random people who don't speak my language, home grown or otherwise :D

Maybe Ill mail her the shit or something. Bah. Missed all that delicious Filipino food and urrything. Jesus. ahahahha.

20mins. Brush Pen.


Derick Brooks said...

couldnt find lisas house? ahahah sounds like me in dc

E said...

it was so pathetic man... i couldnt believe it was happening ahahhaha. THREE HOURS SON aahahahha

Draw Like Crazy said...

nice work is this digitally inked?