Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i cheat my meat

Half of the editorials ive done thus far have been composites of separate images done on their own paper, usually. Unless I'm hard up for time I usually do them on separate paper. Oddly enough, the ones that are my favorites/look the best are the ones that were done all one on sheet of paper. Go figure. Here are the pieces...

I'm sure doing it this way is what causes me to almost miss deadline sometimes. But doing it like a puzzle helps keep my mind clear and helps me focus more, even if it does take a few hours more with the scanning and such. I'd never do this for my own person stuff. I just like to have better control over my shit when dealing with this particular employer... incase they want to make change @ last minuet it can be done in seconds. Read the article here.

More sketchy NON-COMPOSITE type things in a few days. Peace.

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