Sunday, January 28, 2007

work sucked today. goodnight.

entitled : Black Tide.

"It looks kinda like that one famous Japanese painting".
yeah, "The Big Wave"... I noticed the similarites...
like, water and... waves... -____-

and its awesome, but mine is cuter ;p changed my page because it was too bright for me at the current moment in time. im sleeping all day tommorow. god have mercy on my lungs.



derick said...

hah, i was just about to change my joint, do you ever LEAVE my brain

not feeling the red though, i liked it the way it was before, or maybe the classic pastelly blue with some fluffy cloudies.

ahahahah still wanna hang that joint on my wall and jump in it like it was narnia

E said...

yeah, i dont think i dig the red anymore either... just something that happens when you look at a finished drawing too long. HAH, its been a while since ive seen a finished drawing... from MY hands.

im so throwing sqwar in that peice though :D