Tuesday, July 18, 2006

hamsters suck...

no really, they do.

I used to be all obsessed like alot of other art-dorks about little furry rodents and whathaveyou. But now my tastes lean more towards rough and tumble animals like porcupines, wolves, owls and crows and $h!t. Embracing my inner evils... being that I keep them under such harsh lock and key lately.
I got out of working later tonight, yesterday(main guy broke a tooth, and i said i had something to do). So I could trek down to see max(and possibly derick) for a day or two... but when I woke up I felt bad and called in and said I could work. So now Ill be KILLING MYSELF and driving down after work tonight. Im too nice to bail. I drew a rack of little doodles in max's sketchbook last night... totally need to act like scanning em.

best shot of the night. scary bastard. rest here
i have a card reader now, so needless to say i shoot photos all day everyday.

ps: don't worry pixar, just because we'd rather bang them doesnt mean we dont still LOVE you. Anticipation for a film hasnt been this strong for me since... i dunno when. Rotoscoping or not. Looks amazing.


CorporateMonkey said...

OMG. want to see this so bad. sooooo bad.

RÃ¥nny said...

Aw, thats a very cute hamster--I have a pet hamster and he doesn't suck, he bites. lol, jk.

E said...

ahahha, i used to have one but he "liberated" himself whe nI went to the movies one night.

I had him in the dorms/school sponcered apartments and i wasnt supposed to have him so i hid him really goood for like 2 months, but he chewed through the plastic and just got out :(