Thursday, December 15, 2005

a few cc's of that sweet sweet plasma

Original linework Kevin "Dalto/Bloodfrog" Dalton.

HE penciled and colored this thing a few months ago tho not many people may have seen it because I'm not sure if he showed it around too many places or not. But when he was at my spot over thanksgiving i snatched it from him and printed it on cardstock.
A few small mistakes here and there but overral I think an ok job.

Sumi Ink, 10/0 brush.


Michael said...

real nice inks man

St John Street said...

Yo man Kevin was right your shit is real DOPE like soap on a rope shit. nah for real though I love to see my Black people putting it down like this rock the world son. hope to see more real soon.

Bobby Chiu said...

great feeling in this!